Morning on the lake

I had been feeling a bit low this Christmas Season because our oldest and youngest sons, Jesse and Eric, made the difficult decision not to fly home for Christmas. They live in Brooklyn. The airports have been packed and they did not want to risk giving me Covid. I can’t fault them. They thought of driving, but the weather on such a long trip had to be considered.

Thankfully Andy and Clara were able to drive home from Chicago. And today, reminiscing on a very busy Christmas day, we are all enjoying a relaxing day.

But let’s go back a couple of days. December 24th was a glorious day. The sun was shining, although not very helpful warming the land on a two degree day. Clara and I were on our way to the grocery when the sun was still on the rise. The route driving into White Bear Lake takes you right by the lake of the same name.

It was gorgeous! Steam was rising from the snow covered ice, and on the way home Clara and I could not pass it up. We drove up to the lake, got out of the car and decided to venture onto the ice. Freezing cold and breezy, not in the right boots, we landed ourselves in a three-foot snow drift on the way to the lake. It did not deter us. We wanted the shot! Walking on the lake was simply fun — a very freeing feeling, but it was…cold! Snap, snap and a laughing sprint back to the running car, ankles frozen and jeans damp, was just what was needed to lift the spirits.

#winterinnmn #whitebearlakemn #nature

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