Did I make a mistake?

Well, it’s always possible…

If you recall, last Spring a doe give birth to a fawn in my front yard. I called her Beatrice, thinking she would grow up a female.

Throughout the rest of the year, I watched as she grew up along-side two sets of twins born that same spring. This “pack” of eight, moms included, became fixtures in the area and blessed my yard with frequent visits and “cuteness attacks.” I watched as their sole dependence on their mother, always side by side, turned into independence; although mom’s watchful eye was always on them. I watched as those white spots started to fade and that light tan coat turned darker. But still, I could always identify the combinations of each family.

A couple of months ago, things started to change. A young deer started to sprout antlers. I didn’t give it much thought until the buck kept coming around. Even still, I see him often and he enters the yard quite comfortably. The females will give him a wide birth, but he will allow them to get close and they all will nibble on the corn, etc. put out for other wildlife. It made me think..

He is the same size as the two sets of twins, so most probably a yearling. HIs antlers are small — I see older bucks in the area whose racks are much larger at this point. And, even though “Beatrice” was always a little less noticeable in the yard while growing up, I don’t see her in the pack.

I’m thinking that I spoke too soon when naming the fawn. I believe that this “handsome” face needs a name change. And I am so sorry for the lousy pictures. He likes to visit the yard at dusk, when the sun has settled and my fiddling with camera settings would probably turn him blue.

Look at that young face — and the cracked corn on his nose just adds to the innocence of youth. But, he will grow up into a revered, masculine buck in charge of a territory.

So let’s rename Beatrice after the man who loved her intensly — Dante. She was his great love and his muse and inspiration for writing “The Divine Comedy.” What better than to take a cue from love.

#white-tail deer #nature

2 thoughts on “Did I make a mistake?

  1. WOW – It’s amazing to see how much growth occurs in less than a year! Dante is very handsome and I love his tiny antlers.


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