A Day of Diamonds

Yesterday was a grey day with plenty of cloud cover, but much warmer — a whopping 38 degrees — from the much colder day before. And it had become very humid. It had also been misty, yet mysterious — one of those days where you’re not sure what the weather is actually trying to do.

This morning woke with a generous supply of sunshine that made you shade your eyes. Now I know what yesterday was all about. The humidity and mist, along with a drop in evening temperatures created a landscape of snowy frost that covered everything. Add this morning’s sunshine and that frost twinkled off of every tree branch, bush, vine, and grass.

As I ran my errands, driving was a treat. The meadows were alive, the snow-covered ground glistened and “strands of diamonds” were everywhere.

On the way home I stopped numerous times, mostly in my neighborhood, got out of my car and took plenty of photos.

Mother Nature in her winter jewels. Gorgeous.

#nature #winterinmn

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