A Day of Diamonds

Yesterday was a grey day with plenty of cloud cover, but much warmer — a whopping 38 degrees — from the much colder day before. And it had become very humid. It had also been misty, yet mysterious — one of those days where you’re not sure what the weather is actually trying to do. … More A Day of Diamonds

Winter’s landscape

We had a beautiful snowfall the other day. It started mid-afternoon and lasted into the late evening. It was lovely. Just a quiet snow, big flakes, fluffy, that fell gently from the sky. No brazen winds or jaw-dropping temperatures. Without those tremendous winds, the snow was able to leave its mark on the land. In … More Winter’s landscape

Beef Wellington

I felt it necessary this year to do something a little different for Christmas dinner. I usually do a beef tenderloin as the main course, but this year, even though everyone wanted a tenderloin, I thought I’d “amp it up.” Enter Beef Wellington — a beautiful marriage of beef, mushrooms, prosciutto, and puff pastry. I … More Beef Wellington

The Honey Harvest

Even though I only have three hives, the title makes it seem like I’ll be hiring some hands, working from sun-up to sun-down, wiping my brow and ending each day with aching muscles. Well, it still is a process, and sometimes tedious, but the reward is worth it — jars full of sweet golden-colored elixir. … More The Honey Harvest

Making Dolma

As I mentioned in a previous post, my mother and two of my sisters, Caryn and Jessica, came to visit a couple weekends ago. Once we get into the kitchen, we are an unstoppable force. I think we could whip up a full wedding menu in two days if we had to. But not so … More Making Dolma